Research & Development

VTC has a long history and on-going commitment to in-house Research & Development, testing, and evaluation of a broad range of both stand-alone and integrated systems. The Research & Development business unit responds to needs identified internally as well as by our clients. Solutions encompass both first article products and improvements to processes and procedures.

VTC’s Research & Development unit provides:

  • Strategic planning for technology programs and activities
  • Concept development, 1st article testing, and requirements analysis
  • System design, engineering and integration
  • Developmental and operational testing and evaluation
  • Modeling and simulation

Improvements to system designs are developed and tested through both proprietary simulation modeling and VTC’s physical CBIS Test Bed. VTC’s simulation models are the result of sophisticated programming that considers the influence of physics and assumed performance rates to provide the ability to model a systems’ behavior with unmatched statistical sensitivity and accuracy.

VTC’s CBIS Test Bed provides a platform for extensive system and integration testing in an operationally realistic environment. By evaluating critical operational issues at both the component and the system of systems level, VTC’s Research & Development unit seeks to discover continuous improvements to create innovative, operationally cost effective and efficient system designs. BOB-M

Client driven products designed and developed by VTC include the Flexible Baggage Slide and the No Lift Bag Shuttle. These two products were developed in response to a need by the airlines to significantly reduce on-the-job injuries. As an added benefit, the Flexible Baggage Slide and No Lift Bag Shuttle‘s unique design enabled the airlines to improve productivity and performance in their passenger boarding and ticketing processes.