About Us

Founded in 1994, VTC is a highly respected leader in the design and implementation of integrated airport security solutions – in particular baggage handling systems (BHS) with integrated Checked Baggage Inspection Systems (CBIS) and Security Screening Checkpoint (SSCP) systems.  Since 2002, We have brought unique perspectives and specialized technical and operational knowledge to our BHS projects.  Through our innovative designs, our systems are recognized in the industry for being operationally efficient and for having high throughput rates with very low error rates.

We are proud of our ability to establish exceptional teaming arrangements with our clients, outside consultants, and other project stakeholders. This collaborative spirit fuels our quest for innovation and excellence: Collaboration. Innovation. Excellence. These are the fundamental values and hallmark qualities of VTC.

Our Vision 

To honor our values of innovation, excellence and integrity by being leaders in our chosen fields of design, construction management, and systems engineering.

Our Mission 

To build and maintain enduring relationships with clients who share our values.